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Curious about how Bright People have partnered with organisations?

If you want to catch up on our history before reaching out, why not have a browse through some of our projects? Below are details of some of our key projects to give you a taste of what the Bright People experience can offer.

Building talent pipelines

Mining and Resources Australia 2019

Delivering operational improvement by supporting capability and talent growth requirements.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Mining and Resources Australia 2018

Flight and accommodation planning review to support future workforce planning to enable better decision making to improve safety, cost and productivity.

Effective Organisational Design

Mining and Resources Australia 2018

Providing independent strategic organisational development, design advice and support in order to deliver shareholder value.

Leading the development of the ER approach and plan to support the establishment of a safe, high performing and cohesive team whilst mitigating industrial risks and improving labour productivity.

Improving Leadership

Mining and Resources Australia 2016

Supporting the strengthening of the leadership team during a critical time of change.

Embedding Transformation

Retail Australia 2016

Supporting a rapid HR Transformation in one of Australia's largest employers.

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