Meet some of the team

A business is nothing without its people, and Bright People is no different. Every single Bright People-person is a practitioner with real-world experience of multiple sectors.

The smiling faces you see below don’t belong to career consultants. Each has years of global experience delivering value and solutions that have real impact on those annual reports of yours.

As a client you’ll benefit from accessing our extensive network of industry veterans and experts. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing your business is in the hands of people with the connections and ability to put together the best capability for each engagement.

Bright People-people are experienced, pragmatic, flexible, and scale to meet your requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Let us introduce you to some of the team…

Ryan Bright
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Change Management Facilitation Leadership Strategic HR

Meet Ryan – A Visionary Leader Committed to Creating a Better World.

Since founding Bright People in 2015, Ryan’s dedication to delivering better business outcomes for people and organisations has been unwavering. His visionary approach has led to the creation of a practical and kinder path, tailored to modern business needs in the form of an innovative People Advisory business.

With over two decades of experience in global roles with industry-leading organisations, Ryan’s unique commercial expertise has consistently elevated organisational capability. He empowers teams with impactful human-centered strategies and effective leadership.

Ryan’s curiosity and open-mindedness drive his dedication to lifelong learning, resulting in a diverse background across mining, government, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, professional services, and logistics. He has been awarded a Bachelor of Business, a Master of Business and holds various qualifications and professional memberships.  His executive-level experience positions him as a true influencer in his field.

Beyond business, Ryan’s heart shines through his commitment to community causes and charities. He firmly believes that making a difference doesn’t require immense scale – it’s about genuine passion and care.

A devoted husband and father of four, Ryan balances his responsibilities with his broader passions as an aspiring writer and part-time farmer with an array of animals from horses to ducks and a few more in between!

Moreover, Ryan is the visionary behind The Human Space, a groundbreaking community that fosters connections and knowledge-sharing, breaking free from the status quo.

Join Ryan on his journey to create a better world.

As he says, “Let’s connect and make a lasting impact together.”

Monique Purcell
General Manager - Brand & Experience
Brand Customer Experience Talent Management

Monique seeks out ways to make other people feel like stars. Bringing starlike qualities herself – especially creativity, energy and brightness – may be why she’s so successful at igniting these qualities in others.

Monique has been at Bright People since day one and her energy, hard work and drive have been integral in crafting the values-led, industry-defining culture and partnership experience that defines us today.

As our General Manager – Brand and Experience, Monique brings new ideas and a deep care for people to continuously enhance Bright People’s team and customer experience and approach.

“For me it’s all about creating an environment where our team bring their superpowers and can seamlessly integrate with the organisations we work with, being generous with sharing their knowledge and expertise while building capacity in an actionable and practical way.” Monique says.

Coming from a multi-sector background with success across a range of people roles, Monique is a champion for best practice in Culture, Capability Development and Talent Management. She has developed a passion for brand and marketing which has been integral in our journey from a start up to an established business with a widely recognisable brand.

Monique is also a founding member of The Human Space, a space where professionals can shake off the status quo and find new and meaningful human connection and learning that encourages growth that is both relevant to our times and transformative.

Having had two kids while at Bright People (two under two at one point!), her weekends and holidays are spent creating amazing memories with her little family.

“Everything I now do is for them”.

Mary-Ann Garden
General Manager - Assurance & Enablement
Organisational Capability Organisational Development Organisational Effectiveness

Mary-Ann has an innate talent for understanding people – it’s her superpower!

The secret to Mary-Ann’s superpower is her deep awareness that people, and organisations, have a unique combination of motivators and values.

“I recognise, respect and appreciate the diversity that each individual brings. It’s our diversity that makes us whole, and I love it when someone says – you get me,” Mary-Ann says. 

With more than 20 years’ experience across sectors including resources and mining, technology, government and transport in both Australia and the UK, few can rival Mary-Ann’s expertise in Capability Development, Organisational Effectiveness, Organisational Psychology, Leadership and Facilitation.

Today, Mary-Ann applies her extraordinary knowledge as our General Manager – Assurance and Enablement.

“My role is harnessing and connecting the best of everyone and everything for our customers. This means leveraging the incredible creativity and experience of our team and combining this with quality proven methodologies so we’re bringing solutions suited to our customers’ needs and goals, and the team are fulfilled and growing too.” 

Mary-Ann also runs Bright People’s Ignition Lab, working on new ideas to help our team and customers thrive into the future.

Mary-Ann has a Masters in Organisational Psychology and holds accreditations in various psychometric assessment tools.

Now if you want to understand Mary-Ann as much as she understands others, it’s good to know what drives her – work hard, holiday hard! Mary-Ann loves adventures with her family and usually has an idea bubbling for their next escapade.

“It brings us closer as a family and gives me so much joy.” 

Rebecca Roscow
Manager - Business Performance
Business Improvement Commercial Management Finance Management

Rebecca has a passion for finding the sweet spot commercially for a business and its customers.

With an impressive track record of fostering sustainable commercial growth, Rebecca has worked for companies across Australia and the UK. From running her own flourishing business to working in startups and well-established organisations, Rebecca has left her mark on diverse industries, including rail, construction and accounting.

As Bright People’s Manager of Business Performance, Rebecca applies her experience to develop and deliver commercial strategies and uncover opportunities that improve efficiency and outcomes for both business sustainability and customer satisfaction.

It’s so satisfying to look at a project or business with a commercial view as it is a critical set of eyes for success through the lifecycle of a project and for a business more broadly,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca’s dedication to contributing to Bright People’s purpose of helping people and organisations thrive is strong and she finds joy in being part of a team that welcomed her with open arms after she made the move with her family from England.

Beyond work, it’s no surprise, Rebecca’s knack for finance has been put to good use in the community as she has generously volunteered her skills in treasurer roles for sports clubs over the years.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Rebecca has fallen in love with the Queensland lifestyle, which perfectly compliments her outdoorsy nature. And her family shares her enthusiasm for the sunshine, team sports, and beaches.

Shannon Cleary
Manager - Business Operations
Facilities Management Project Management Systems Management

Shannon is a natural when it comes to making work easier for people.

“I always look at the big picture and the details to find a better way of doing things. The way I think is, how can I make this as seamless as possible for our team and our customers?” Shannon says.

Shannon draws on more than 15 years’ experience in the complex aviation industry where she worked internationally as a flight attendant, and in Airport Services covering everything from customer service, training, leadership, administration to terminal coordination. The industry taught her the value of delivering exceptional customer service, being able to problem solve on the fly and caring for the employee experience.

At Bright People, Shannon plays an integral role in the delivery of our people experience and manages key business operational activities. She works closely with our IT and contract partners to keep our systems, practices and facilities running effectively. She also runs our social impact program, helping our wider community thrive.

Shannon loves being in the Bright People team, where her new ideas and energy for continually improving outcomes are embraced.

Shannon may have left the aviation industry, but her flying days are far from over. Travel, and everything it entails – meeting people from all walks of life, experiencing new cultures, food and perspectives is something Shannon wants to continue to do and share with her children.

Jhana Clarke
Manager - Consulting
Change Management Organisation Design Organisational Development

Jhana’s joie de vivre shines through every part of her work.

“I love to find ways to have some fun and laugh and I can connect quickly with people. I really enjoy finding solutions – listening, contextualising disjointed information and turning concepts into actionable strategies,” Jhana says.

Jhana is well-known for her vast and versatile experience – there’s not much she can’t do!

Her expertise runs across corporate, government and consultancy spheres including multi-national companies. Jhana’s capability includes leadership, coaching, change management, project management, organisation design and effectiveness, employee relations, continuous improvement, facilitation and training.

No matter what the project, Jhana is forward-thinking and always considers what the work means for the people affected by it.

“I like to find places to pause and ask good questions that consider the user experience. This will always lead to a better outcome.”

As Bright People’s Manager of Consulting Jhana plays a crucial role in guiding our consulting team. Jhana brings her fantastic experience and love for people to everything she does, collaborating with both the team and customers to support smooth and effective project delivery. And Jhana loves her job!

“Bright People has such a unique and special energy and intellect and I get to contribute to that and benefit from it. I like how we are true to our strong purpose and values.”

“There’s such vibrancy here and the work we do is really interesting – it can be fun, mind-bendy and difficult at times, but we always work it out and it’s really cool to be part of that.”

Jhana embraces the idea that our lives extend beyond our own fulfillment, and, among other community work, she has volunteered with young people experiencing homelessness for more than 12 years.

Jhana holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Frontline Management, Graduate Certificate in Change Management. She is Prosci Certified and a Graduate of the Company Directors Course (GAICD).

Jaculin Jones
Leadership Operational HR Strategic HR

You only need to talk to Jaculin for a few minutes to feel her passion for building people and organisational capability. As well as passion, Jaculin brings results-driven and practical frameworks, tools and expertise developed over 20 years in people, performance and leadership roles. 

Jaculin’s expertise runs deep and includes providing advice and creating systems and artefacts to aid customers focusing on Leadership Capability, Organisational Design, Culture, Change Management, Performance and Career Development, Remuneration and Benefits, Compliance and Legal (Industrial Relations), Employee Relations, Recruitment and Onboarding, and Project Management. 

The organisations Jaculin has partnered with are diverse covering state, national and global entities including engineering, government, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, childcare, healthcare, legal, mining, startups and not-for profits.  

At Bright People, Jaculin has an exceptional track record delivering effective, commercially sound and sustainable people solutions that enable organisations and their people to thrive (and comply) across the employee lifecycle.  

“Establishing and improving people practices builds genuine engagement and connection between leaders and their teams,” Jaculin says. 

“It establishes HR foundations which foster development opportunities to grow people’s capability, support their career aspirations and drive continuous improvement. Organisations that prioritise these activities are attractive employers.”  

Jaculin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

And when she’s not helping organisations and their people thrive, you will probably find Jac tending to her beautiful garden with her two and four-legged friends close by, including her cat and dog, a horse, two ducks and seven chickens. 

Callan McDonnell
Leadership Learning & Development Organisation Design

Callan’s unique combination of experience, qualifications and approach gently brings the best of people to the fore. 

His starting point is “meeting people where they are.” What a great place to start and, together, with Callan you can go a long way. 

A values-driven leader, Callan draws on more than 30-years work across the globe enhancing organisations’ leadership, culture and performance.  

As a qualified narrative therapist and registered counsellor, master facilitator and experienced executive coach, Callan combines contemporary and scientific approaches to help people and organisations thrive in ever-changing environments.  

People’s wellbeing is at the heart of Callan’s work. 

“An important focus, as we look to the future, is for leaders to have a full appreciation for the rich and full lives people have. This supports connection and the way teams show up which flows through to performance and customer outcomes,” Callan says. 

Callan relishes the Bright People way which he says brings energy, care and embraces the diversity in people and organisations. 

“We can draw on our range of experience to amplify a team or organisation’s unique strengths and help bring an understanding to what’s going on for them as we design a solution together.” 

Callan’s passion for people’s wellbeing is a thread that runs through to his counselling in domestic violence support, where he works with men, couples, and families. 

Callan is a keynote speaker, published author and voracious reader, with a tall stack of books always on hand! He believes in the power of the stories we tell ourselves and that storytelling is the most impactful way to put ideas into the world. 

Callan holds a Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work, and his research is focused on transitional agility: exploring the ways people and organisations can be supported through transitional phases. 

Kirra Southwell
Capability Development Leadership Learning & Development Psychology

Years ago, Kirra’s passion for learning about people ignited – knowledge she shares today as a Bright People consultant partnering with organisations to unlock people power! 

“I’ve always been naturally curious about understanding how people think and behave,” Kirra says. 

As an experienced Business Psychologist, Kirra leverages her deep understanding of the connections between psychology, leadership and organisational performance to provide insightful recommendations and unlock potential.  

“By bringing in a psychological lens, whether at an individual or organisational level, we gain a deeper understanding that goes beyond surface-level or superficial observations. This helps us create meaningful change.” 

Kirra’s approach to leadership and organisational development combines cutting-edge research with practical experience. Kirra has a proven record of success with organisations, from startups and scale-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  

Kirra has developed an innovative values psychometric assessment for leaders and organisations to define and refine their values in a way that is theoretically grounded, nuanced and actionable. Kirra has also established a scientifically validated personality psychometric. These tools are helping shape the future of assessments. 

Kirra holds a Master of Business Psychology, and a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours from the University of Queensland. She has also completed an Intensive Program in Forensic Psychology at Maastricht University in The Netherlands. 

Her love for learning about people is evident in her extensive travels including various stints of living abroad. However, her heart always gravitates back to the beaches of Queensland, where she works alongside the Bright People team and customers to create lasting, positive change. 

“Exploring different cultures and immersing myself in diverse experiences has broadened my perspectives, allowing me to bring a fresh and global mindset to my work.” 

Brianna Bright
Capability Development Education University Partnerships

Recognised as an inspiring and innovative leader in the field of education, Brianna brings a depth of experience in helping others reach their potential.  The combination of her practitioner experience in secondary school education, coupled with her leadership and mentoring pre service teachers at university, enhances her ability to add value to engagements involving developing and building capability. Brianna leads Bright Peoples’ industry engagement and partnerships with universities and research institute.

Brianna has extensive and practical experience within Education in Queensland, having worked in both the public and private school systems including rural and city locations. Brianna has also further developed her leadership skills and worked for her alma mater, the University of Queensland, as a facilitator and mentor for pre service teachers during their teaching practicums.

Brianna is interested in the value that an experienced mentor can bring to the longevity and career development of a graduate in industry and uses Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development (1978) to underpin the value of mentoring within a variety of contexts. Her other area of interest, which formed a major part of her studies within her Masters degree, is bullying and the impact this has on victims and perpetrators as students / family members / employees in our society.

Brianna’s holds formal qualifications in Education including a dual degree in Secondary Education and Arts (History and English) (2000) and a Masters in Educational Leadership (2011).