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Curious about how Bright People ® have partnered with organisations?

If you want to catch up on our history before reaching out, why not have a browse through some of our projects? Below are details of some of our key projects to give you a taste of what the Bright People experience can offer.

Leadership Alignment Facilitation

Mining & Resources Queensland 2023

Bright People, a renowned people and culture capability partner, was chosen to facilitate an in-depth engagement to support a major capital project focused on rehabilitating a former mining asset to national park standard. Bright People designed and executed an immersive experiential learning experience to establish a shared understanding among senior stakeholders, build high-trust relationships, and foster community transformation.

The project's leadership team recognised the project's significance, spanning multiple generations, and engaged Bright People to renew a sense of belongingness, awareness, and accountability among stakeholders.

Talent Acquisition Function Review

Utilities Queensland 2023

Bright People were engaged to undertake a discovery exercise with the Organisations Resourcing team and stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the current state, including pain points and opportunities for improvement, against good practice elements of an optimised Talent Acquisition function.

Team purpose, culture and change support study

State Government Queensland 2022

Upon the consolidation of two geographically dispersed teams into a single regional team, Bright People was asked to work with the leadership team to strengthen team appreciation and connection, define and new shared purpose and cultural aspiration supported by clear actions.

Following development of a new Strategy and 10 year action plan, the organisation recognised the need for the establishment of a centralised strategic oversight process governing a portfolio of initiatives collectively delivering on the strategy.

Following a recent restructure to bring two previously separate teams into a single group, Bright People were engaged to design and facilitate a workshop with the objectives of aligning the team to a single purpose and reviewing the collective work requirements to identify a proposed set of critical priorities and actions in an operational plan.

Aimed at supporting the ongoing upskilling of those who are early in career, our learning and development specialists led the design thinking and delivery of a prototype, and supported the detailed build of, a guided career pathways framework for their technical workforce.

Statewide Workforce Functions Review

State Government Queensland 2022

Conducted a comprehensive workforce functions review across a diverse Queensland Government department, spanning multiple locations across the State.

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