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Leadership Alignment Facilitation

Mining & Resources Queensland 2023

Bright People, a renowned people and culture capability partner, was chosen to facilitate an in-depth engagement to support a major capital project focused on rehabilitating a former mining asset to national park standard. Bright People designed and executed an immersive experiential learning experience to establish a shared understanding among senior stakeholders, build high-trust relationships, and foster community transformation.

The project's leadership team recognised the project's significance, spanning multiple generations, and engaged Bright People to renew a sense of belongingness, awareness, and accountability among stakeholders.


The primary objective of this project was to rehabilitate a former mining asset to the national park standard and leave a positive legacy for the community. Bright People aimed to facilitate a process that would bring together deep technical capability from various organisations, engage stakeholders, and establish a strong foundation for the successful rehabilitation of the ecological area. The focus extended beyond ecological aspects to include economic and psycho-spiritual initiatives within the community.


Bright People adopted an experiential learning approach to accelerate the establishment of a shared understanding and high-trust relationships among the senior stakeholders. The approach involved immersive site visits, engagement with local stakeholders such as traditional owners, representatives from local businesses, and a diverse workforce.

The Immersive Experiential Learning Experience: The immersive experiential learning experience facilitated by Bright People aimed to provide stakeholders with firsthand exposure to the project's complexities and challenges. The experience included visiting multiple sites associated with the former mining asset, allowing stakeholders to experience first-hand and understand the potential for transformation.


- Conducted a week-long workshop that brought all participants to the ‘same page’ ensuring the goals and objectives on the rehabilitation project, and the eventual restoration of the mining area to national park standard.

- Achieved deep levels of trust and connection among stakeholders, project leaders, and community leaders.

- Created cultural commitments and identified specific intentions and actions in support of the aspired cultural change.

- Increased workforce engagement and the encouragement of more real conversations with the help of a newly created safe space.

- Continuous enhancement of capabilities and relationship building within the workforce.