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Develop, introduce and embed a fit-for-purpose Iterative Change Framework and Methodology

Retail Australia 2021

Supporting one of the largest payroll teams in Australia working through significant incremental and transformative change to build change capability in their function through developing, introducing and embedding a fit-for-purpose iterative change framework and methodology.


One of the largest payroll teams in Australia were working through significant incremental and transformative change. The function was managing multiple major technology-based change programs whilst in parallel many smaller change activities were introduced monthly in areas of process and system improvement, risk control introduction, compliance, automation and digitisation. The Function’s leadership recognised that greater control over, and a stronger focus on appropriate, practical change management was required to gain confidence in successful adoption/implementation of the ongoing iterative and high volume of changes whilst in parallel major technology change programs were also introduced.


Embedded expected process and practices, engagement methods and standards. Strengthened Leader ownership of change management and use of framework and methodology. Strengthened overall change capability across identified leaders and team members. Increased change principles and experience of change awareness.


Executive clarity, ownership and common priorities for the organisation and the application of their corporate strategy. A common high-level representation of how a company can be organised more efficiently and effectively from a variety of perspectives across the value chain to delivery on the strategy. Collective focus on a shared blueprint for success informing our people experience (customer and team). Enabled informed decisions by Executives on behalf of the organisation to deliver superior business outcomes.


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