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Strategic Workforce Planning

Mining and Resources Australia 2018

Flight and accommodation planning review to support future workforce planning to enable better decision making to improve safety, cost and productivity.


The project was initiated as an immediate response to logistical constraints around our client’s fly-in, fly-out chartered flights and accommodation plan. There were growing concerns that the workforce planning data was not accurate and therefore the leadership team had limited oversight of future workforce planning numbers, as well as where future employees would be sourced. This meant accurate flight and accommodation planning could not occur, and was costing the business significantly.


After detailed data analysis and scenario modelling was completed, we provided a set of short term actions to optimise accommodation and flight utilisation, and a second set of longer term recommendations which hinged off the workforce planning component, and included;
• drivers for growth and the specific employment categories affected,
• the expected impact on flights and accommodation with recommendations to address this, and, the suggested approach to sourcing seven (7) critical skill sets from current catchment areas.


At the project's conclusion, the client acknowledged that they were equipped with robust data and recommendations that would enable them to make decisions which will improve their safety, cost and productivity drivers with the necessary workforce.

A subject matter expert with deep operational logistics skills and experience, joined the team for this project – testament to our ability to bring in specialist expertise as required to ensure an optimal outcome for our clients.


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