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creation of annual capability growth goals & strategies and implementation of a professional learning program

Retail Australia 2021

Development and implementation of an owned plan to support uplift in the areas of greatest and most urgent need for a payroll function with one of the largest national retailers (150,000 employees).


Multi-year feedback in engagement surveys pointing to dissatisfaction in the lack of investment in learning for team, coupled with an acknowledged skills gap in team, both in technical and professional skills for future needs and strategic goals of the function. The group’s leadership team committed to grow capability within the function and commenced the journey by defining and introducing core competencies and conducted a 180-degree assessment against them. From here, they partnered with Bright People to identify areas of critical need, agree the goals and strategies and implement the first phase of the professional development investment.


Our team worked with the leadership team to facilitate a series of workshops to support the identification of long-term goals and immediate areas of greatest and most urgent need as input to defining implementation strategies and targets for competence uplift. We developed a 12-month ‘Leading self’ professional development program inclusive of personal development planning coaching sessions, self-paced Learning menus, an onsite library, design and delivery of 5 targeted learning experiences and leader coaching conversations. Not only did this address their immediate capability needs, it also formed the foundations of training to fast track the development of new starters which was an added benefit.


Development and implementation of an owned plan to support uplift in the areas of greatest and most urgent need. Exceptional participation in and feedback on all learning experiences, 80%+ completion of personal development plans and Leader reports of increased personal accountability for planning were all achieved. Leaders also reported increased team engagement, improved feedback from team on investment in development, high reported application and trial of new skills and an increase in observed behaviours and competence of those who actively participated in the development program.


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