Featured Projects

We are proud partners in delivering breakthrough performance in organisations.  The following is a sample of the projects our Bright People have delivered.

Embedding Transformation

Retail Australia 2016

Supporting a rapid HR Transformation in one of Australia's largest employers.


Following a rapid HR Transformation in one of Australia's largest employers, Bright People were asked to support embedding people, process and technology changes to support delivering on the business case and realise the intended benefits.


We prioritised the business requirements and processes, system and capability build requirements in consultation with the leadership, technology partners, and various internal stakeholders before co-creating a roadmap to deliver the desired outcomes. We defined the future service offering, delivery standards, and streamlined structures to deliver results. Success was achieved in supporting change management and implementation of strategy.


A fit-for-purpose roadmap was developed and implementation commenced bringing about instant benefits with clear achievable objectives agreed for the short, medium and long term. Employee engagement in the function increased, and efficiencies and effectiveness outcomes exceeded expectations.