Top 5 tips for HR practitioners embarking on Organisation Design


Top 5 tips for HR practitioners embarking on Organisation Design

Recent world events have accelerated the need for organisations to adapt and evolve. The year ahead will see an increased focus on organisation design as business responds with new operating models, structures, roles and behaviours to support them to win in the market.

In our experience partnering to support organisation design processes and based on our collective experience in this space ranging from large global to smaller more local projects, here are our top five organisation design tips for HR practitioners embarking on supporting organisation change:

  1. Spend some time upfront to develop and align on design principles (these will help test the designs and remain focussed on the original intent).
  2. Avoid the temptation of jumping to the ‘structure’ component of organisation design first. The boxes and wires can distract from the bigger picture operating model e.g. where work is performed.
  3. Ensure you test various options with trusted stakeholders to obtain a diversity of thought and buy-in to the change process.
  4. Put on a ‘systems-thinking’ hat to consider the consequences, both intended and unintended, of the proposed options. Identify risks and opportunities to incorporate in planning.
  5. A considered change and implementation plan informed by key design principles to realising the benefits and intention of the chosen design is critical.

All things being equal, it is people who ultimately make the difference. Two competitors with the same technology and process can deliver two very different experiences for customers and team members as they go about delivering on their strategy. Attracting, developing and retaining the right people is a long-held focus of HR professionals as they partner to design and develop a capable organisation, comprised of people, systems and processes.

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In addition to supporting consulting projects such as Organisation Design, Bright People delivers Organisation Design capability development workshops for HR practitioners.