If people are our greatest asset, why doesn’t the movie match the trailer?


If people are our greatest asset, why doesn't the movie match the trailer?

The sign says, “People are our greatest asset” and the process experience says, “The movie doesn’t match the trailer”. An all too often told story… How pleasant are your people processes?

I am hearing a lot of people express their concern about how they have been treated in various recruitment processes, being ghosted after multiple interviews, not getting their applications acknowledged, left wondering if they are being considered or not for a role… This is an example of one process and based on what I am hearing organisations are doing their brands a disservice. Unpleasant experiences cost – time, reputation, opportunity, dollars, and brand tarnish.

Most leaders would be shocked by some of the experiences people have in their people and organisation processes, in recruitment, performance management, development… do yourself a favour, if you haven’t tested your processes go ‘undercover’ and experience them. Be deliberate in which ones you want to be pleasant and ensure the others are at least neutral. A free tip: Don’t get blinded by the silver bullet promises of technology. Going back to basics, being compliant, and ongoing approach of delivering better people processes. Sometimes it is the simplest of things, at low to no cost which can have the biggest positive impact.