How to turn your qualified ideas into projects…


How to turn your qualified ideas into projects...

Some projects are simply ideas dressed up as initiatives. In many cases, organisations don’t have a list of current let alone planned projects leaving various projects overlapping or conflicting and competing for investment, including leadership time and attention. Inevitably the mantras of cost-saving and simplification send people scrambling to justify their projects and the eventual prioritisation of projects leaves social and relationship contamination issues as a secondary consequence as good governance is retrospectively applied.

The risk of too many projects spawning from random ideas and various agendas is the dilution of focus and the need to make trade-offs. Could you ever imagine planes landing randomly at an international airport? The precision of scheduling, outcome and reliability is thankfully astonishing. Yet in some organisation’s, projects are left to ‘fly’ around without really knowing their true situational awareness.

From my experience, here are some ways to turn your qualified ideas into projects.

+ Projects should have a beginning and an end

+ They should have clear and agreed deliverables (not just what functions want to do to operations)

+ A robust business case is necessary including intended benefits (not just dollars but also other value associated with problems solved and risks mitigated etc)

+ A risk assessment realistically identifying what will help or hinder

+ Progress reviews to keep project momentum, and if necessary, alter the course or conclude the project