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Bright People have partnered with 360 Spark to help empower our clients to see more clearly and act more certainly. Gain a 360 view of the world through an innovative customised, personalised 360 feedback approach.

We provide our clients with preferential pricing and additional value add by leveraging the insights as part of our engagement.

A conversation

360 Spark collect 360 feedback through direct 1-1 conversations with those who know you best. This is not a tick box exercise, rather, you receive all the nuance and insight inherent in a customised, tailored approach.


360 Spark individual written reports are constructed with the best of art and science to give you actionable insight. We give you the knowledge you need to be your best professional self by combining human and artificial intelligence to deliver that insight.

To get insight
we use great minds…

360 Spark expert researchers are based in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. All have advanced degrees from leading research universities and an average of 10 years’ direct business experience, sharing a common passion for linking people with reality.


Using a third party to collect your data enables the feedback to be more authentic and less emotional for all involved. Your respondents are able to give honest and constructive feedback, and you hear their feedback conveyed to you in a considered, meaningful and articulate manner. In essence, more impact, less pain.

The 360 process includes:
  • Choose up to 10 respondents from your network
  • Choose 10 questions from our time-tested list, and/or write your own
  • We conduct 1-1 interviews with your chosen respondents
  • Expert coaches personally analyse the data and write you a custom report: no automation
  • We will then personally take you through the findings in a 1-1 debrief session

Studies Show that 360 reports are the most effective method of gaining personal insight into your performance, strengths and areas for growth. 360 Spark provides high-end executive 360 reviews through direct conversational interviews.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to capture and transcribe complete interviews, our human experts then work with an AI in real time to see patterns and find trends in the data. This human/AI partnership allows our human writers to quickly see the data and shape accurate, meaningful insight that is a true composite of feedback. It removes individual writer bias, enables true scalability, and assures a consistent quality product.

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